The tip of Kerarzic in Paimpol Bay

Located in an area protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral, this small peninsula offers many faces. Dedicated to oyster farming, it is sometimes full of activities like a real hive, especially “in tide” – which means when the sea recedes enough to work in the oyster farms.

At high tide, it is the time for seaside pleasures ! On each side of the peninsula there is a beach : the large, made of small soft multi colored pebbles and the small sandy one.
Throughout the year, you can hike on the customs trail, to the west, in the area of the Beauport Abbey and Paimpol Bay, or to the east, in the cliff landscape of of Saint Brieuc bay.

During the tide, you can also go on the foreshore, fish on foot or you can just dream, nose to the wind, admiring the silhouette of the Saint-Riom island, at once so Breton and so exotic …

The Marine Farm...

Settled since 1947, it has been already 70 years of family adventures !

The Paimpolaise Marine Farm produces mainly natural oysters. The production cycle lasts on an average length of 3 years, from spat collection in the natural environment to commercialization. During these years, the oysters of our farm are worked to present a beautiful form and develop a balanced flesh, at the same time iodized and a little plump. This growth is not obvious because oysters eat exclusively from the sea - by filtering phytoplankton - and are therefore dependent on the richness of the waters in which they are found. Oyster farmers works with nature but do not against it ...

and its oyster bar !

Sit down, enjoy some seashells and admire the bay beauty ...

During the summer season, the marine farm opens its oyster bar. The space above the large beach offers a beautiful view of the Paimpol Bay and its characteristics Mez de Goëlo - two large islands with amazing shapes detached from the cliff landscape of Plouezec - and on the Saint-Riom Island , which exotic silhouette evokes elsewhere. In this place, you can settle down, enjoy oysters of course, but not only - you can enjoy the space and the time as much as your plate.

The beaches and the foreshore

Here the tidal range is among the most powerful in the world, at almost 12 meters of amplitude of height of water in high coefficient.

The tip of Kerarzic is bordered by two very different beaches: the small and the big beach. The small Beauport Cove fence. West-oriented, it is very pleasant in the afternoon and at the end of the day. The large beach offers a view on the open sea. Oriented full east, it is a rather morning beach (only for the brave) and the middle of the day. But the power of the marling comes to spice up the program because the water sometimes retreats several kilometers, giving way to other seaside activities. The open sea space, the foreshore, is a field of exploration and harvesting. A pantry that opens twice a day for the most experienced ones...

The customs trail

The GR 34 at our door and your reach 😉

Kerarzic is on the customs trail. If we take it west, we arrive in a few minutes to the abbey of Beauport. We can continue the walk on the coast, to the Guilben tip then the Paimpol port. It is also possible to venture into the Beauport valley and walk in very quiet wooded areas - or to climb above our little tips and admire the bay in the middle of hydrangea fields. All these walks are accessible as a family. If you go to the east and the cliffs of Plouezec, the trail is sportier. It travels on a wilder coast and opens on the open sea. When the winds are favorable, funny birds can accompany you: there is a paragliding site nearby !